Breast Health Center

Project Overview
Women aged between 40 and 69 and living in Bahçeşehir district (located on the European side of Istanbul) and neighboring areas will be provided with a complimentary breast cancer screening in every 2 years for a period of 10 years. Over the course of breast health scanning program; detailed profiles of women under risk will be registered, they will have physical examinations as well as mammography and ultrasonography when necessary. All these services will be extended free of charge. Women will also be given training sessions to let them be able to perform self-examination as well as a series of conferences and seminars where they will be provided with general information concerning breast health.

Why Bahçeşehir?

  • Municipality’s administrative infrastructure, which is in line with project’s purpose
  • Municipality’s approach to the social responsibility projects
  • Municipality’s enormous support to carry out the project
  • District with a heterogeneous population making it ideal to conduct the project