Dr. Zehra Özdemir Yıldırım

Zehra Özdemir YıldırımShe was born on 1967 in Bilecik.Completed primary school, second school and high school education in Bilecik.She gratuated from Sivas Cumhuriyet University of Medicine in 1991.Between 1991-1992 she worked in Afyonkarahisar Sandıklı Healt Center and State Hospital Emergency Service.She worked in the War Dispensary that Gave Bilecik in 1992-1993.She continued her duty in Bilecik State Hospital Emercency Service and Coronary Intensive Care Unit in 1993-1997.She worked in Eskişehir State Hospital Cardiology Coronary Intensive Care Unit between 1997-2000.Between 2000-2005 she worked in Van for her husband’s specialization in Cardiology at Van 100. Yıl University.She first started to work in the Van Maternal and Child Healt Center.Shortly after,she was appointed as the Head of the Mother and Child Health Branch in Van Healt Directorate.Her work there: Participated in the Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Compaign for woman initiated by the Governor of Van.Hundreds of woman underwent laparoscopic tubal ligation. Türkan Saylan the President of the Association fort the Support of Contemporary Life, carried out family planning training and implementatio  for the mothers of girls who recieved scholarships in the snowdrops Project inition by our teacher.Support family planning projects for women run by Willows Foundation operating in Van.She helped doctors, midwives and nurses working in Van to practise in the field by giving RIA training and certificate. Served in the National Polio Eradication Vaccine Campaign.In 2005, they returned to Eskişehir due to the completion of her husband’ s specialization.In 2005,she worked as a healt clinic doctor in Eskişehir.In 2006-2008,she worked with her husband in the cardiology outpatient clinic of Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul.Participated in the Efor-Holter department.In 2008,when her husband way appointed to Marmaris State Hospital ,she worked as ahealt center and 112 ambulance doctor there.They worked until 2010.They returned to Istanbul in 2010 for their children’s education.She worked as a family doctor in Esenyurt between 2010-2012.She has been working as a family doctor in Bahcesehir Family Healt Center since 2012.She is married and has 3 children.

Affiliated Organizations:Istanbul Family Medicine Association, Istanbul Medical Chamber, Memeder, Parent-teacher associations also took a active part in their chidren’s schools.

Certificates and training: Family Medicine Certificate, RIA certificate, RIA educator certificate, Workplace doctor certificate; there are participation certificates for many congresses,symposiums and training meetings.