Gülşen ERAY

Gülşen Eray

I was born and studied in Sofia, Bulgaria. After I came to Turkey, in 2004 I started working as an information technologies specialist at Istanbul university Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, and continued helping foreign people, who were diagnosed with cancer and came to private hospitals in Turkey. I did work with them as a translator , and stand behind them during their journney while I was at medical sector. I’m married and have beautiful two daughters.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had C50 maling neoplazmi in both breasts. With this diagnose I had to experienced the steps of this journey and the feelings of my previous patients . This situation gave me an opportunity to observe the patients and myself. At this very difficult journey recognize the quality of breath gave me the advantage of the cancer.

Therefore, I decided to take some courses from International Breath Coaching Federation, and became a breath and life coach. Recently, I’m teaching the importance of the breath and lead the needed people at their difficult and emotional life stages as a breath and life coach.