Prof. Dr. Beyza Özçınar

MD, PhD- Prof. of General Surgery


  • Istanbul University, Istanbul School of Medicine, General Surgery Department, Staff, 2012-still.
  • Memorial Hospital, General Surgery Clinic, Staff, 2011-2012.
  • Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery Department, Breast Unit, Fellowship, 2008-2009.
  • Cleveland Clinic, Department of General Surgery, Breast Unit, Observership, 1 January-31 March 2008, Ohio, USA.
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital, General Surgery Department, Breast Unit, Medical Honorary Observer, 1 October-31 December 2006, Melbourne, Australia.


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  • Ozcinar B, Ozmen V, Cabioglu N, Ozmen T, Muslumanoglu M, Igci A, Dagoglu T, Kecer M. Internal mammarian lymph node biopsy in early stage breast cancer. IXth National Breast Disease Congress, 2007, Ankara, oral presentation 1st award.
  • Ozcinar B, Ozmen V. Superior vena cava syndrome after subclavian vein chemotherapy port replacement in a patient with breast cancer. The Breast Journal, 2007; 13:425-426.
  • Ozmen V, Ozcinar B, Karanlik H, Cabioglu N, Tukenmez M, Disci R, Ozmen T, Igci A, Muslumanoglu M, Kecer M, Dagoglu T. Breast cancer risk factors in Turkish women-a university hospital based nested case control study. World Journal of Surgical Oncology, 2009; 7:37


Turkish Surgical Society, Istanbul Surgical Society, Breast Health Society, Breast Surgical Society, EURAMA, ISS, IAES, ESES, National Breast Health Associations Federation, National Breast Health Association, Istanbul Breast Research Group.