Meme Hastalıkları Federasyonu Başkanı Prof.Dr.Vahit Özmen, Senologic International Society'nin (SIS) Yönetim Kurulu Üyeliği'ne seçilmiştir.

SIS Executive Director'ü Prof.Dr.Carlos Garbino'nun bu konu ile ilgili mektubu: 


SIS Board of Directors


Dear Prof. Ozmen


On behalf of the President of the SIS General Assembly Dr Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo, and the Secretary of the SIS General Assembly Dr Miguel Prats de Puig, we have the honour to inform you on the Election of the new SIS Board of Directors for the period January 1st. 2011 to December 31st. 2012, under the Presidency of Dr. Ezio Novais Dias.


You had been elected as Member at Large: Relations with Scientific Institutions


In the attached archive we are forwarding the complete role of the Board of Directors Members that had been elected for the same period.


Hoping for a great success in your Office during the next two years.


This Executive Secretary offers you all the collaboration that could be required during your Board time.


Sincerely yours


Dr Carlos Garbino

SIS Executive Director