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Quitting Smoking

Protect us from Cancer!

How much time can women spare for themselves within the fruitless struggle of life and against the never-ending housework, children’s troubles, problems, and responsibilities? The slow lives in the past, non-pollution, and the pace of life allowing the people to demonstrate quite higher level of patience and tolerance are now left behind. Cancer is referred to as “an outcome created by the triplet of spirit-body and mind”. It is stated that we can deal with the diseases with a positive and forgiving spirit free from any anger (!).

We, the women are becoming more affected by our concerns such as studying, improving ourselves, having a voice and owning our rights, etc. Except for anticipating what is of high priority for which group of our society, I think we can agree that there is something that we can do when we consider what we all can do in order to live a healthier life.

Considering with a foresight the time, effort and money that we will spend and the shock and traumas that we will experience after we develop a disease; it will be useful for us to pay a little attention, to think over our life style and diet, and, maybe, to review our intellectual patterns. Since the treatments may damage our organs and lead to toxic effects while they eradicate the cancerous cells, they may constrain our immune system.

While the relationship of all cancer diseases with our diets and habits is under investigation, let’s pay attention to the recommendations of the complementary medicine regarding breast cancer. Cancer is a disease related with multiple nutritional deficiencies and we can be protected as long as the immune system is strong. It may be eliminated to some extent by the genetic, environmental effects, diet and lifestyle.

Of course, there are some foods that even a healthy person should avoid. At least as a protective measure … Smoking is a triggering poison particularly in the breast and lung cancers. We hope that everyone can quit it. The weight factor is also considered as quite objectionable by the doctors in reflux, tension, cardiac and many other diseases. Particularly in breast cancer, being overweight is an undesired situation. On the other hand, excessive weight loss and imbalanced diet are not recommended, either.

Alcoholic drinks are not the beverages that can be quite tolerated by women. White wheat flour, white sugar, canned food, salami, sausage, margarine, ready-made fruit juices, beverages, early fruit and vegetables; bottom fishes such as red mullet, gray mullet, whiting fish, etc. can be considered among the foods to be avoided. Since they contain estrogen, those with breast cancer should certainly avoid soy and soy-containing products and flax seed, and since anti-hormone drugs are inevitable for them, they should avoid any food containing hormones.

Since milk induces mucus production in the digestive system and meat contains both acid and parasites and antibiotics and it is difficult to digest and decays in the intestines, high intake of such food is not recommended. Most particularly, it is another risk factor if they are barbecued and grilled. There should be a distance of 15 cm between the light fire and the meat. Burnt, moldy foods, smoked and cured foods and the foods processed by adding chemical substances and salt are also considered as carcinogens. Moldy foods should not ever be consumed, either. The food stored in humid environments for extended periods are also considered unfavorable. Plastic containers should not be placed in microwaves and water bottles should not be placed in the freezers.

Sugar also feeds cancerous cells. Particularly the synthetic sweeteners containing aspartame and tea bags can be considered in this context. Sea salt is recommended instead of table salt. Similarly, filtered, treated water should be used instead of tap waters containing heavy metals and distilled waters. Particularly, attention should be paid to this requirement while cooking and tea making. If you like coffee and chocolate, green tea and other herbal teas are recommended instead. I know that it is very difficult for the addicts; but I only remind that we should pay attention in order not to suffer from our lives.

After all these undesirable foods, you can say, “there is nothing left for us to eat”. However, there are a lot of foods to eat in this world. The foods that our grandmothers ate in the past… For example, goat’s cheese, skim-milk cheese… Was there any synthetic sweetener, tea bag, or microwave oven in the past? Women used to prepare their tomato pastes, tarhana soups, noodles, and pickles at home. Now, we might be out of time to prepare them. Those making money from unhealthful products and the foods containing additives and dyes that are sold in the supermarkets will get angry with this, but it is required to value human health above anything.

Drugs should not be taken with grapefruit juice and if required, there should be at least a four-hour interval. The active substance in it increases the side effects of every drug we take. We should drink carrot and orange juice carefully in order not to gain weight. While eating fruit, we should pay attention to the portions since large portions will make us fat up. Fresh vegetable, vegetable juices, legumes and yoghurt are our indispensable foods. It is very easy to make yoghurt at home. Cabbage, cauliflower, horse radish, purslane, leek, tomato, sorrel, watercress, dandelion, celery, carrot, artichoke, green peas, onion, garlic, small-hot cayenne pepper, small bluefish, bluefish, mackerel, horse mackerel, sun dried apricot, dried black plum, grape (seeds should be chewed), pineapple, walnut, hazelnut, dried apple, quince, lemon rind teas, black cumin, olive oil, canola and hazelnut oils are also considered among our indispensable foods; but all should be consumed at reasonable levels. In addition to antioxidant beverages that we can prepare by ourselves, vitamin E, omega, and antioxidant supplements, it is important to take 1000 mg calcium since we reach to menopause in short order. Can you eat five bitter almonds a day? We should be able to live without skipping over ourselves. Women should always store energy for the activities that take too much time such as shopping, cooking, etc. In addition, we must wish from the God to reward you with blessing.

My oncologist stipulates turmeric. Since it has been proven to have anti-tumor effects, it should be taken at least one table spoon a day. If you say it is difficult to swallow, it can be consumed in the form of salad sauce mixed with garlic and yoghurt … as long as we are not consumed away!

We invite you both to get rid of your surplus weight by exercising and to fight against free radicals. Let’s break our harmful habits by radical decisions…


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