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The Breast Health Society, founded in Istanbul in September 2007, is a society predominantly . »

Healthy, Normal Breast

Breast is an extension of the skin and is a secretory gland (such as sebaceous glands or sweat gland) that secretes milk. The germination of papillas in adolescent girls»

Quitting Smoking

Most of the smokers that want to quit smoking are capable of »

Enrollment and Screening Project
As in the world, breast cancer is the most common cancer observed in women in Turkey with a rate of 24.1 percent. Despite such a high rate, it is impossible to provide robust statistics since the registration and screening»

First Confrontation with the Diagnosis
We all can face a crisis at any point over the course of our lifetime. “Cancer”, known as a fatal disease, makes the person face several existence problems after such a crisis period»

Breast Esthetics:
Following the first relaxation, the woman lives significant fears concerning the treatment marathon including the loss of her breast. Each woman will give personal»

A regularly and continuously more active and energetic life style should be adopted. The activities that are performed for at least 30-minute periods at least 3 days of the week, and if possible»
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