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Cancer Myths

1. Myth: Breast cancer is an  infectious disease.

Fact: It is not. Breast cancer is a result of uncontrolled cell growth in human body.

2. Myth: Man do not have breast cancer.

Fact: This year, 211.000 women will be diagnosed as breast cancer and  43.300 will die. On the other hand, 1.600 man will diagnosed as breast cancer and 400 will die. Although the diagnosis rate of man is low, they should check themselves and consult a doctor if necessary.

3. Myth: A family history of breast cancer means you will become a cancer patient.

Fact: Although women with a family history of cancer are in risk group for cancer, there are no cases of cancer history in most of the women with cancer.  If you have a breast cancer history in your sister, mother or grandmother, you should start mammography control 5 years earlier than their ages of diagnoses.

4. Myth : A mass in your breast means you are breast cancer.

Fact: 8 of every 10 masses are not cancer. If you recognize a permanent mass or altreation in your breast, you should consult a doctor. Generally women do not performe regular health controls since they are afraid of being cancer. Sometimes they stay away any treatment. Take care of yourself by regularly checking yourself, regular doctor visits and mammography controls.
The figure above shows non-cancerous and frequent breast diseases. Although they seem like masses, they do not form a condition to worry about. However, your doctor may diagnose and treat this situation. If you find out anything strange in your monthly controls by yourself, immediately consult a doctor. Early diagnosis is always the best way of prevention.

5. Myth: You may prevent cancer by altering the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Fact: It has been thaought that 5-10% of all breast cancer patients carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Alterations of these genes may in fact cause cancer. If you are a carrier of these genes, you should be taken into close follow-up by your doctor. Carriers of these genes carry the risk of cancer throughout their lives.

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