You are in control

Nesfit Memeder Kontrol Sende

Nesfit calls women to support “pink ribbon movement” with “you are in control” hashtag (#kontronsende).

Nestlé Nesfit supporting “pink ribbon movement” on a global scale for seven years has been actively working in Turkey to build public awareness for breast cancer for the last two years.

In relation to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nesfit partnered with MEMEDER to support behavioral change in women to increase the level of early diagnosis in an effort to fight breast cancer that has doubled up in Turkey in the last 20 years.

Nestlé Nesfit “You are in control” (#kontrolsende) Facebook event was designed to educate and to remind women on monthly basis to self-examine themselves.

Nestlé Nesfit running “Target: A positive life” campaign to invite women to act, think and eat well has been fighting against breast cancer for seven years on a global scale and for two years in Turkey.

Research suggests that regular self-examination decreases the rate of losing the patient by 18%, however women have not been able to embrace this as a habit.

One in every seven women suffers from breast cancer in developed countries and there is also an increasing rate in developing countries. It is expected that 75% of breast cancers will be seen in developing counties by 2030. Thus, projects that will increase the rate of early diagnosis in counties such as Turkey have great importance.

Nesfit Memeder Kontrol Sende

The purpose is to make more women take the control into their own hands.

Nesfit in cooperation with MEMEDER aims building awareness for breast cancer to the next level. Within the scope of the partnership, the main goal is to create a behavioral change in women so that more women take initiative in doing regular self-examination.

Nestlé Nesfit “You are in control” (#kontrolsende) Facebook event designed to foster this goal reminds women to self-examine themselves as well as to invite their friends and family members to join the event. In relation to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nestlé Nesfit also invites women to create their very own pink ribbons and share them on social media, and use it as a means to encourage their friends to join the Facebook event. Nesfit will continue to share educational posts concerning self-examination on its digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Our main goal is to make self-examination a regular habit among women” says Ayca Erol.

“Making regular reminders for self-examination seems like a simple solution yet it is highly effective in saving lives. Interviews made with women confirm it as well” says Nestlé Breakfast Cereals Country Manager Ayca Erol.

Erol also adds “Our goal is to make self-examination a norm as it will make a significant difference in our fight against breast cancer. We trust number of women, who will join our Facebook event to get reminders and perform self-examination will increase each and every year”.

Nesfit Memeder Kontrol Sende

“One in every 8 women may suffer from breast cancer in Turkey” as Prof Dr Vahit Özmen says.

Founder and Honorary Chairman of MEMEDER Prof Dr Vahit Özmen revealed significant information regarding breast cancer and underpinned the fact that the frequency of breast cancer incidents in Turkey has been doubled up for the last 20 years. “It is anticipated that the increase will continue, 25,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and one in every 8 women well may suffer from it. Awareness raising campaigns that will increase the rate of early diagnosis have utmost importance. According to several studies, mammographic scanning let us decrease the death ratio between 15 and 35%” says Prof Dr Vahit Özmen.

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since 2004 to build and raise awareness for breast cancer and to support early diagnosis and treatment, the month of October has been declared as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month globally. In Turkey, both several non-governmental organizations and Ministry of Health organize country-wide trainings and awareness campaigns throughout the month.